Dance and Ballet


At the Y, we have popular dance and ballet programs. The Y provides today's youth with a wide variety of options to develop their spirit, mind and body.  In addition to the benefit of physical activity, children and toddlers can learn from the study of ballet and other forms of dance. Dance is about more than performances and standing ovations.  It helps boys and girls develop in meaningful ways and provides additional opportunities to learn and work together.

From pre-school through pre-teen and beyond there are a multitude of benefits from the study of dance:

  • Physical Activity
  • Body Control
  • Strength and Coordination
  • Memory Improvement
  • Rhythm of Music
  • Following Instructions
  • Working with Others
  • Confidence and Poise

Classes are taught by experienced instructors sharing proper terminology and technique in a fun, active and positive environment.  Our dance programs do not focus on performance, although most classes will receive the opportunity to perform in a recital during their session.

Contact your local branch or search for a dance class.