Martial Arts and Karate


This program offers quality Martial Arts and Karate instruction for kids and adults. Karate classes are held in a controlled, safe environment and each participant's challenge can be tailored to all levels of fitness or experience. The goal of our Martial Arts classes at the Y is to use a particular discipline as a conduit for maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Students gain focus, strength, balance, and coordination as they work their way through the ranks to becoming a Black Belt. Our sessions and karate programs for teens and adults also incorporate self-defense strength training, stretching and technical practice, and coordination. Try a class today!

Students are led through a class of exercises, stretches, Isshinryu Karate techniques, and practical self-defense to encourage a confident and humble demeanor. Younger students learn about self-discipline, awareness, and to always honor their parents.

Plus, our training has fun games too! Teens, adults and high ranking child students are also given the opportunity to practice forms, self-defense, controlled sparring, and grappling. Take a Karate class in Palm Harbor or take a karate class in New Port Richey in the Trinity Community at the James P Gills Family YMCA.